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For agri-focused investment managers, the need to inform the investing community about the opportunity is still as relevant as ever. As the year draws to a close, I have been catching up with many of you to hear about the year past. What were your successes? What lessons have you learned and what are you planning for in 2015?

The responses have been a mixed bag from high levels of optimism to mixed levels of disappointment.

High-tech Farming Poised to Change the World Eats

TRACY -- Investors and entrepreneurs behind some of the world's newest industries have started to put their money and tech talents into farming -- the world's oldest industry -- with an audacious and ambitious agenda: to make sure there is enough food for the 10 billion people expected to inhabit the planet by 2100, do it without destroying the planet and make a pretty penny along the way.

Gati's Cold Chain Arm Raising $24M from Mandala Capital


Cold chain and agri logistics space has become red-hot with firms going public and others attracting PE and VC investors. Gati Kausar India Ltd., the cold chain arm of Gati Ltd, is raising Rs 150 crore ($24.45 million) from funds managed by Mandala Capital Ltd, the  company said on Thursday. Mandala Capital invested Rs 30 crore in the form of equity shares and compulsory convertible preference shares (CCPS) and the remaining Rs 120 crore shall be invested in the form of non-convertible bonds (NCB), it said.

Agri-business Companies likely to attract more private equity, venture capital funds: Report

NEW DELHI: India's agri-business companies are likely to attract more funds in the coming years with more potential seen in the farm sector by venture capital and private equity funds, a latest KPMG-Ficci report said today. 

The opportunities in the food processing industry are significant, which is expected to reach a size of Rs 4 lakh crore by 2014-15 fiscal, contributing around 6.5 per cent to the gross domestic produce, it said. 

Global Institutional Investor Allocations to Real Assets Set to Rise

15 Oct 2013 by The Asset

Institutional investors are reacting to the prospect of tapering by the US Federal Reserve and higher interest rates in the US and Europe by fine tuning their investment approach and continuing to shift assets out of public markets and into alternatives, according to the AMP Capital Institutional Investor Research Report.

Ag Index to Boost Investment

AUSTRALIAN agricultural land could finally become as attractive to institutional investors as it has been in the US, with global property index business IPD about to launch a new index for farmland across the country.


IPD Australia managing director Anthony De Francesco confirmed his team, in conjunction with Australia's veteran of agricultural land investment Frank Delahunty, would establish an index within the next six months that covered more than $2 billion in agri­cultural land investments.

Can India Be the Food Basket of the World?

India can become the food supplier of the world. It has the cultivable land, all the seasons for production of all varieties of fruits and vegetables, an agribusiness system that works although it needs to be vastly improved. The single most important problem facing the Indian agricultural industry is the highly inefficient supply chain. Because of lack of cold chain infrastructure and also a food processing industry about 20 per cent of all foods produced in India (Rs. 500 b) are wasted.