Our Investment Managers

Canada’s foremost provider of land-lease financing for farmers

Bonnefield is dedicated to preserving farmland for farming across Canada. Founded in 2009 to address a growing need in the farm community, they have quickly grown to become the leading institutional investor in Canadian farmland with CAD$900 million under management. Owner of more than 124,000 acres across four private funds, Bonnefield invests in portfolios of high-quality “core” farmland. Primarily through sale-leasebacks with leading farmers, Bonnefield works to ensure that these multigenerational farmers maintain control of operations, while investors benefit from annual rental income and capital appreciation.  Diversification is achieved by investing across numerous farming regions with differing agricultural characteristics and risks, ESG factors, and exposure to both different farmers and crops. These Canadian based strategies should act as a natural hedge to both our changing climate and inflation.

A contrarian, long-term investing philosophy

Platinum is a $20 billion Australia-based equity manager established in 1994.  Platinum has one core investment style – to seek out companies whose true worth and prospects are yet to be fully recognized by the market. Historical results show that the approach has worked in different economic climates and withstood the test of business cycles.  With a focus on achieving strong long-term absolute returns (rather than simply by comparison to a benchmark index), Platinum looks beyond short-term market turbulence caused by events of a transient nature to seek out ‘unfashionable’ companies whose actual worth is greater than the value implied in their present share price.  Platinum offers: Global, Asia, Europe, and Japan long/short equity strategies, as well as sector focused strategies in Healthcare, Technology, and Consumer brands.

Advanced Therapies, Real Impact

Rare genetic diseases are a significant burden on society through both uncurbable, often fatal genetic diseases in adults and children as well as a large cost on society through disability and childhood mortality.  Existing therapeutic platforms do not address the issue adequately and are often symptomatic.  Advanced biotherapeutics are key to addressing the challenges of modern-day healthcare – spiraling cost of long-term chronic illness and lack of cures.  4Bio is a London-based firm focused on private equity and venture capital in Life Sciences.  4Bio invests into advanced therapies addressing high unmet medical and social needs.  4Bio’s investment focus pertains to the largest segments across the new generation of therapeutic platforms including gene therapy, cell therapy, RNA-based therapy, targeted therapy, and microbiome.

An Industrial Life Cycle approach to investing in Emerging Markets

River and Mercantile PLC is a London-based asset manager with $7 billion in AUM. The River and Mercantile ILC Equity Team is based in Chicago and specializes in Emerging Market equities.  The ILC Equity Team utilizes its proprietary Industrial Life Cycle (ILC) investment methodology to construct Emerging Markets and Emerging Markets Small Cap portfolios. ILC is built upon the idea that wealth creation principles vary depending on where a company falls within its maturity cycle.  Good investment ideas are present within each stage of the maturity spectrum, and the ILC process is used to identify opportunities using stage specific criteria that have proven to create shareholder value over time. These ideas are managed within a core-oriented portfolio with high active share derived almost exclusively from stock specific sources.