Our Investment Managers

Aqueduct Investment Partners

Bridging the Gap Between the Agricultural Sector and Institutional Investors

Combining the last large-scale industry to undergo a technological revolution with a growing, wealthier global population, both food and water will continue to face inelastic demand. This imbalance of supply, inefficient value chains, lack of institutional capital participation and slow incorporation of available technologies all provide investment opportunities in the agricultural sector. The amalgamation of inevitable growth, wealth expansion and rapid technological advances bodes well for those investors that participate in the sector. Aqueduct Investment Partners has launched its firm to deliver fully diversified portfolios, allocating to a selection of investment funds positioned in land & water based operations, private agribusiness companies and ag-tech companies. Aqueduct strives to provide investors with a convenient, cost-effective, sustainable conduit into the agriculture sector. Both a “best-ideas” portfolio and separately managed accounts are available.

Albany Investment Limited

Stewarding proven UK-borne cyber security technologies into global commercialization

The risks inherent in cyber security vulnerabilities are finally being recognised, as businesses and governments scramble to shore up their security in what remains a deeply fragmented market. Yet, the available technology is being used inappropriately or not at all. Despite an ever-mounting number of government initiatives, systems around the world remain critically exposed.  Albany Investment’s partners have been involved in this emerging sector for many years, and its new private offering is set up to take advantage of current market fragmentation. They are investing in fast growing, innovative companies which have proven their capabilities as suppliers for UK Government security and law enforcement. The team ‘s expertise will enable these companies to expand beyond their narrow public sector vertical and meet the global market’s demand for reliable cyber security solutions.

Churchill Agri Partners

Integrated Australian Agricultural Operation

Churchill Agri Partners is an Australian company that seeks to acquire, develop and operate strategic agricultural assets across Australia’s prime agricultural regions and sectors. They use an opportunistic, contrarian and disciplined model to invest in a diversified portfolio of agricultural, pastoral and ag-tech enterprises to capture value across the supply chain. The corporate goal is to generate cash flow and long-term capital growth by proactively managing exposure to global cycles in commodity prices and mitigating production risks caused by weather-related events, such as excessive or insufficient rainfall. Churchill provides a transparent structure as a direct investment into a fully-diversified private operating company, thus eliminating investment management and fund administration fees.

The Churchill team has deep experience and expertise in all aspects of agricultural asset management, agricultural innovation and technology, corporate governance and trading relationships.