Halstatt Real Estate Partners

Experienced U.S. real estate operators within a pre-eminent family office

Halstatt is a private investment firm owned by members of the prominent Barron Collier family in Naples, Florida. Beginning with more than 1.3 million acres of Florida land, the family has specialized in real estate transactions for more than 100 years. Leveraging their network, reputation, and strong track record in Florida and more recently the greater Southeastern U.S., they began managing third-party capital in 2011 to generate premium returns for both the family and their investors. Their fourth Fund is focused on taking advantage of the migration shifts to the Southeastern U.S. along with demographic changes that effect the future of real estate needs. They have always been tactical in their investment programs, and Fund IV expects to have investments in build-for-rent homes, warehouse and storage, distressed real estate, and dislocated assets.